The Jearl Smart Foundation Board of Trustees take seriously our Founder’s goals and our role and commitment to serve people and support our communities.

Scholarship and grant seekers are encouraged to submit a short letter describing their organization and the purpose for which a scholarship/grant is being sought.

Scholarships and grants will be considered at meetings of the Board of Trustees held in January, April, July, and October of each year. Scholarships and grants will be made to qualifying organizations following the receipt of the completed application and an affirmative vote by the majority of Trustees. Discretionary grants are exempt from this requirement. ​ Qualifying Organizations are Public Charities who have met IRS guidelines. Municipalities, schools, and other subdivisions of government are also qualifying organizations.


Scholarship and grant seekers are encouraged to submit a short letter the purpose for which a scholarship/ grant is being sought. The Foundation Trustees will determine if the applicant’s request is within the Trustees’ current granting interest. Completed scholarship and grant applications will be reviewed by staff and a summary of the application will be prepared. These summaries will be forwarded to the trustees prior to the meeting at which the applications are being considered. This will allow the Trustees to review the applications prior to the meeting, ask for further information, and be fully informed about their application request. Applicants will be advised of the Trustees’ actions regarding their scholarship or grant. ​

Scholarship recipients will be able to re-apply on a semester-by-semester basis based on the availability of funds. Renewal scholarship recipients must maintain a 3.0-grade point average.


The Jearl Smart Foundation Scholarship is a one-semester award and can be used at any accredited public or private, non-profit, institution of high education in the United States or aboard. Students shall be required to maintain a minimum of 12 hours per semester to be eligible. Payments will be made directly to the school. Preference may be given to students pursuing a career in healthcare.


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The Jearl Smart Foundation Scholarship applicants must be seniors of a high school in Oklahoma, with preference given to graduates of schools in Seminole County. Applicants should be of high moral character and possess a desire to further their education.

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